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Una giornata al lago
(A daY at the lake)

September 2018

Synopsis: Julia is still in the bed when her roommates propose a trip to the lake to her, but she says she is too busy.
In fact, she has already been sucked into the screen of her mobile with which she establishes a symbiotic relationship and through which she feels an incessant ballet of emotions, between joys, pleasures, disappointments, laughter and tears. But the passage of time, the expectation of something that never comes and, finally, a small accident, throw her into a state of apathy and despondency... Maybe now it's too late to reach her friends.

Starring: Melissa Anna Bartolini

Produced by: Manuel Martinati, Federica Salvatori

Writers: Federica Salvatori, Manuel Martinati

Director of photography: Marco Fusco

Music: Enrico Orlandi, Wepro

Editor: Sarah Mc Teigue

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