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Fiori di carta

(Paper flowers)

January 2015

Synopsis: Paper flowers tells the story of Giovanni Valenti, a middle-aged man about whom we know very little other than that he has a bachelor’s degree, an English certificate from the University of Cambridge and a few medals won as expert in clay-pigeon shooting. His actions appear rather strange, at first incomprehensible, and they create negative reactions towards him. It’s difficult to understand the logic of his behaviour because he seems completely absorbed by his thoughts and reveals very little about himself. An encounter with a girl he is acquainted with is the only thing that seems to shake him out of his state of inner solitude.
In the end, the reasons for his desperation and why he has let himself become reduced to this state become clear: Giovanni lost his job. But, just when everything seems lost, an unexpected event, like a gust of March wind in spring, will bring him back to seeing things in a different light.

Cast: Gabriele Arena, Helena Antonio, Veruska Rossi, Claudio Olivieri, Valerio Montanari

Written and directed by Federica Salvatori

Director of photography: Niccolò Cappuccilli

Editor: Claudio Ammendola

Music: Milo Silvestro

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