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Rosso amaranto

(amaranth red)

April 2017

Synopsis: Claudia, a young teenager, has a difficult relationship with her mother and feels the weight of the problems between her parents. A series of seemingly small but significant events start to take place. Claudia comes face-to-face with the girl she used to admire and spie on every day from the window of her bedroom. Claudia's mother has a revitalising encounter and also the father will wake up to the crumbly of precarious balances in his family, realising to be one of the main causes. These events trigger momentous changes in everyone’s lives, and at the end of the day, each of them will achieve new awareness.

Cast: Carmela Ricci, Veronica bitto, Viola Tricarico, Gabriele Arena, Roberto Giannuzzi

Writers: Federica Salvatori, Frida Aimme

Director of photography: Gino Sgreva

Editor: Alessandro Milo

Music: Anudo

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